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The program consists of three components:

I) Education
The education program certification for CAP / CIPA is conducted by accredited training centers, professional associations and private teachers.
This may be done through group training, distance learning or self study.
All accredited training centers that teach disciplines of the qualification exams of CAP / CIPA, have access to the curriculum and textbooks that are constantly updated.

The International Certification Program for the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova (ACAP RM) organizes training courses for the exams.
Courses are conducted by qualified teachers at ACAP, who hold doctorates
in economic sciences, and certificates of CIPA, ACCA and DipIFR.
In the period from 2007 to 2010 these courses have trained over 700 students. For trainees and candidates who have independently reprinted ACAP manuals on "Managerial Accounting 1", and "Financial Accounting 1", to supplement them with new examples and benefits, "Taxation in Moldova" and “Law in Moldova" is updated annually.
The schedule of courses for the ACAP Program CIPA can be found under "Education."

II) Examinations
Examinations for the Certification Program CAP / CIPA are independent, rigorous, and uniform in the CIS and professionally administered. Information on registration and CAP / CIPA exam schedules can be found on the "Exams" page.

III) Certification
The CIPA certification program provides two levels of qualification:
Qualified CAP - Certified Accounting Practitioner.
The CAP certificate confirms that the owner knows, and is able to apply, International Financial Reporting Standards, with the exception of some of the more complex standards that are primarily related to corporate accounting and financial instruments; knows the basics of managerial accounting, and all that is of the utmost importance for the majority of accountants, small companies, and private enterprises; knows the tax laws and the foundations of commercial law.

Qualified CIPA - Certified International Professional Accountant.
The CIPA certificate confirms that the owner knows how to apply International Financial Reporting Standards, has professional knowledge and analytical skills in managerial accounting, finance, audit and management information systems (MIS) can be used to judge professional financial management.

Qualification Certificates for CAP and CIPA:
·        confirm the holder is highly skilled in Moldova and abroad. Norms of international recognition of qualified certificates in accounting and auditing: the Ministry of Finance Decree № 48 of the RM of March 31, 2010 / / Monitor of. № 68-69 on May 7, 2010
·        open up opportunities for career and material growth;
·        raise the holder’s status to colleagues and employers.