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On 17 June 2016, ACAP RM organised an International Anniversary Conference titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Accounting and Auditing Profession: Worldwide Experience & Solutions”, attended by local and foreign notorious entities of accounting profession, including the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the International Federation of Francophone Accountants (FIDEF), the World Bank, Professional Associations of Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia,  Ukraine, etc.
The Event was opened by Veronica Vragaleva, Vice Minister of Finance, followed by Viorel Dandara, ACAP President, both addressing congratulation messages to the audience.
The Solemn Event continued with words of congratulations presented by Olivia Kirtley, IFAC President; Gheorghe Cojocari, Committee for Economy, Budget and Finance, Moldovan Parliament; Tamara Andruşca, Member of the Court of Auditors; Elvira Pantea, Deputy Head of the Main State Tax Inspectorate; Diana Axenti-Grosu, Deputy General Director of the National Health Insurance Company; Marina Şichirliiscaia, Chief Editor, Periodical “Monitorul Fiscal FISC.MD”; Grigore Belostecinic, dr.hab., academician, Rector of ASEM; Michèle Cartier Le Guérinel, FIDEF Secretary General; Mihaela Robu, ACCA in South-East Europe; Jarett Decker, World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform; Paul Hurks, Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, NBA; Associate Prof. PhD. Gabriel Radu, Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, CAFR; Evghenia Koposova, Russian Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors, IPBR; Krzysztof Burnos, National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, Poland, KIBR; Rade Šćekić, Institute of Accountants and Auditors, Montenegro, IRRCG; Branislav Radulović, Member of the Senate, Montenegro State  Audit Institution; Dmitry Yakovenko, National Institute of Professional Accountants Financial Managers and Economists of  Russia, NIPA; Dr. Vahid Novruzov, Chamber of Auditors, Republic of Azerbaijan, CAAR; Valentina Legka, Ukrainian Federation of Professional Accountants  and Auditors, UFPAA and by  Prof. PhD. Dorin Cosma, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants, Romania, CECCAR.
The Anniversary Conference was attended also by representatives of Regulatory Bodies, Central and Local Public Administration Authorities, profile national and international organisations, professional associations, and local profile higher education institutions, by managers of local consulting and audit companies and by ACAP RM members.
The Conference was conducted to promote the role and image of accounting and auditing professionals and to tackle the challenges encountered by the accounting and auditing profession at the national and international levels. The Event took place with the financial support provided by ACAP RM Partners and Sponsors.