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Media advertising (banner ads) on the site ACAP.MD

The proposal is not a public offer.

I) In order to place banner ads on the site ACAP.MD, please contact us by:
tel (+373 22) 54 14 21
tel (+373 22) 54 14 95
tel (+373 22) 22 19 25
tel (+373 22) 54 34 08
fax (+373 22) 22 80 65

or via e-mail

II) Presentation of advertising opportunities on the site ACAP.MD:

III) ACAP.MD advertising general conditions
3.1) The maximum number admitted of banner ads to be placed on the site throughout the campaign is 5.
Exception make advertisement placement contracts with duration of more than 3 months .

3.2) The deadline for submitting a banner is not less than two working days before placing it into the net grid.

IV) Technical requirements for advertising materials

Banner ad requirements

  1. In order to avoid fusion of a banner ads with the background page all banners should be outlined with a frame that will make up a contrast to the dominant color of banner background.
  2. Banner size is 180х75, 180x150 and should not be over 35Кб.
  3. Banner ads are admitted in the following formats: GIF, JPG, PNG and SWF (Flash 8.0).
    Flash banners should be provided with a cover image in GIF, JPEG or PNG format.
  4. All banners should enclose a specific link to the resource sent separately.
    The .swf file itself should not provide direct reference to the source.
  5. Materials in flash format should NOT contain references and objects performing functions other than controlling animations, objects acting as animation control and should NOT use more than 35% of a Celeron 1,5 GHz CPU resources, in rush hours – more that 60%
  6. Flash-banners should be executed (published) for the eighth version of Macromedia Flash .
  7. Flash banners should be allowed to display the complete menu.
  8. The audio support in flash banners should be negotiated separately.
  9. External codes for the placement on the site are not allowed.
  10. We DO NOT publish banners:
    - with interface elements
    - eye-irritants
    - reminiscent of porn sites advertising.
  11. We also reserve the right NOT to accept placement of banners which DO NOT COMPLY WITH ACAP internal policy
  12. Banners must not mislead users by repeating interface elements of operating systems, browsers, copying design of ACAP.MD pages.
    The content of frank erotic nature, nudity, images and songs that are contrary to the laws of the Republic of Moldova as well as calls to violence and cruelty are not allowed..
  13. Long-term and excessive frame rate is not admitted. No massive and colorful graphic elements.
  14. The design of banner background will represent a graphic object of rectangular form filling entire working area.
V) Preţurile pentru plasarea banenerelor pe site-ul WWW.ACAP.MD

Dimensiune 180 x 75 pix Preţ
Pagina principala
afisare continua in coloana din drepata
450 lei / luna
  765 lei / 2 luni
  1150 lei / 3 luni

Dimensiune 180 x 150 pix Preţ
Pagina principala
afisare continua in coloana din drepata
650 lei / luna
  1100 lei / 2 luni
  1650 lei / 3 luni