Press release: Festive ceremony dedicated to the Day of Accountants, April 4, 2013
Date: 04.04.2013
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Festive ceremony dedicated to the Day of Accountants:

April 4, 2013

"Accountant's Day was established in 2010 to assess the true value of the role and responsibilities of professional accountants towards the country's economic development."

April 4, 2013 - Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova and the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Moldova (ACAP RM) held a festive ceremony dedicated to the Day of Professional Accountants.

This event is very important both for the profession representatives and the entire country, highlighting once again the status of the accounting profession.

The festive ceremony was opened by Mr. Veaceslav Negruţa, minister of finance. Following him, Mr. Victor Barbăneagră, Deputy Minister of Finance, addressed all the members of the accounting profession with sincere wishes for peace, prosperity and success in their professional activities. He also highlighted the importance of everyone’s merits, of those who contributed to the accounting reform since 1997, being an important step to the Moldovan economy. Also confirmed the improvement of the quality of the financial reporting of domestic entities and increased credibility of the accounting profession, taking into account recent development, such as the implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards since 2012 and the development of new Accounting National Standards, compliant to EU Directives; Lilia Grigoroi, the President of ACAP RM, mentioned the importance of promoting the interests of the accounting profession, the exchange of views and cooperation between the academic community, professional and business organizations; Alexandru Nederiţă, Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board at the Ministry of Finance, said that the transition to the new Accounting National Standards is an important and complicated process that requires significant efforts from both the public authorities and professional organizations, auditors, managers, accountants and other professionals within the entities; Vitalie Valcov, General Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics reported future plans of the NBS, regarding the financial reporting; Gheorghe Cojocari, Deputy Head of the State Tax Inspectorate, mentioned the importance of information and education of the taxpayers.

Appreciating the importance of the professional holiday, the Ministry of Finance and ACAP RM confirmed their willingness to recognize and promote the great role of accounting in modern society, raising the status of accounting profession, and will cooperate in order to continuously improve the professional skills of accountants and auditors.

During the festive ceremony, were awarded diplomas for outstanding achievements in the development of the accounting profession in Republic of Moldova. The Ministry of Finance awarded: Bajerean Eugenia, Benderschi Vasile, Cazacu Iurie, Ciobanu Veaceslav, Codreanu Maria, Foalea Lidia, Grabarovschi Ludmila, Nederiţa Alexandru, Paladi Valentina, Panuş Valentina, Platon Svetlana, Prisacaru Ion, Stratulat Natalia, Ratcov Maria, Şelaru Marina, Tostogan Pavel, Ţiriulinicov Natalia, Ţurcanu Viorel, Zlatina Natalia; ACAP awarded professional certificates CAP / CIPA to: Baxan Alina, Slobodeanu Svetlana, Cervac Svetlana, Craveţ Elena, Evtodieva Neli, Gotişan Ludmila, Loşcaru Aliona, Sliusarenco Ludmila, Vulpe Alina and Slabari Lilia.

Festive ceremony dedicated to the Day of Professional Accountants was held in the following ACAP RM regional offices:
Ungheni representative - entitled "International Financial Reporting Standards - the current approach"
Place: 19
Dunării St., Block No.2 State University "B.P. Haşdeu" in Cahul
Cahul representative - entitled "The Role of the University in the education of professional accountants"
Place: 19
Dunării St., Block No.2 State University "B.P. Haşdeu" in Cahul

Greeting message dedicated to the Day of Professional Accountant was published in 20 newspapers:
Unghiul, Gazeta de SUD,
Observatorul de Nord, Cuvintul Liber,  Cuvintul,  Ecoul Nostru,  Est Curier, Glia Drochiana, Ora Locala, Cahul Express, Adevarul  de  Aneni, Expresul, Supliment TV NORD, Spros I Predlojenie, Jurnal de Chisinau, Ziarul de Garda, Curierul de Hincesti, NATURA, Кишиневский обозреватель, Экономическое  обозрение «Логос Пресс».

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