To achieve its stated mission, the association provides services that include:
a.       involvement in the development and / or public consultation of draft concepts, strategies, plans and programs related to the development of the profession, as well as drafting amendments to these acts;
b.      assisting the drafting of laws, Government decrees, normative acts of the Ministry of Finance and other public authorities in the field of accounting and auditing, as well as drafting amendments to these acts;
c.       involvement in the development and / or public debate of drafting national accounting standards (NAS) and implementation of international auditing standards (ISA) and quality control (ISQC), the development or adaptation of comments and recommendations to them, as well as amendments to these regulations;
d.      assistance in the practical application of laws, regulations and professional (technical) standards of accounting and auditing, including international standards and declarations of IFAC and SMO;
e.       developing and / or maintaining national and international professional certification association members, including in conjunction with the Eurasian Council of Certified Accountants and Auditors (ECCAA), in accordance with international standards, IFAC and European education standards;
f.        involvement in the certification and licensing (authorization) of accounting and auditing standards in the manner prescribed by law;
g.       organizing conferences, round tables, seminars and / or participating in them to enhance the skills of accountants and auditors;
h.       publishing professional news and information about their activities and, where appropriate, on market supply and demand accounting and audit services;
i.         participating in, or cooperating with, similar national and international non-profit associations;
j.        monitoring the process of continuous professional development of its members, as well as compliance with a code of ethics;
k.      organizing the investigation of disciplinary violations committed by members of the association and, where appropriate, impose disciplinary sanctions, and examine and mediate civil disputes between members of the association;
l.         performing other socially useful activities in the profession in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova on Public Associations Law, Accounting Law, Auditing Law and other laws relevant to the statutory goals of the association.

The Association has the right to conduct the following types of economic activities that are directly derived from the statutory goals of the Association:
a.       organization and holding of lectures, seminars and workshops to enhance the skills of accountants, auditors and specialists in related professions;
b.      publication in professional books, brochures and other publications, newspapers, magazines and periodicals;
c.       research and development in the field of accounting, auditing and business association activities, including through contractual agreements with public authorities;
d.      library work;
e.       other economic activities that arise from the statutory goals of the association.