ACAP RM Management
Governing bodies of ACAP RM are are represented by: General Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Directorate.

The supreme governing body of ACAP RM is General Assembly.

The General Assembly is entitled to decide on all directions, that form the subject of ACAP RM activity.

An Ordinary General Assembly is convened once a year. An Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened at any time if necessary.

ACAP RM Board of Directors is the body that conducts ACAP RM during the period between General Assemblies.

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly from among members of ACAP RM for a term of 3 years.

ACAP RM Board of Directors consists of President, Vice President and Committees.

The number of board members and committees is established by the Rules of Procedure of ACAP RM.
Board of Directors is the only body that represents ACAP RM in relations with other members of ACAP RM, with the government and the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, ministries and other organizations and with other members and persons interested in the current business of ACAP RM.

ACAP Committees are created by the Board of Directors in order to achieve ACAP goals and solve problems of accountants and auditors from Moldova, and also problems that are important for ACAP RM.
Each committee has a Regulation and Work plan, that contain objectives and responsibilities of the committee.

Current management of ACAP RM activity is conducted by The Executive Director, appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors.

Financial and economic activity control of ACAP RM is conducted by The Audit Commission, elected by the General Assembly for a term of 1 year, and must be fulfilled at least once a year.